What We Do

ACCESS Community Capital Fund is a Canadian Registered Charity formed in 1999 to help individuals facing barriers to traditional financing from banks obtain microloans to improve their income through sustainable self employment and employment.

ACCESS funds, investments from socially minded individuals and organizations, are used to guarantee the loans.

ACCESS clients are typically individuals facing barriers obtaining loans from banks to finance their small business or skills upgrading training/certification (professional development).

The applicant may have no collateral, limited to no credit record or poor credit history.

ACCESS assesses and facilitates approval of microloans up to $5,000 for small business or professional development. *Small business owners may be eligible for up to $10,000 after successfully paying of the first loan in good standing and demonstrating a need for additional business cash flow.

Loans over $1,000 will report to the credit bureau and help build or improve an individual's credit history as they maintain the loan in good standing.

Loans are assessed and evaluated using a character-based lending model in which the character, motivation, skills and viability of the business plan or career goals are key decision criteria.

The loan decisions are made by ACCESS Loan Review Committees made up of trained professional volunteer loan officers who abide by the confidentiality and privacy requirements.

The loans are disbursed and administered by our financial partners, Alterna Savings and CIBC.

In addition to facilitating approval of loans, ACCESS has a referral network of community partners and other supports available to potential applicants and clients.