Yumart Gallery

Yvonne Whelan is an artist, curator and business owner. She opened Yumart Gallery in 2013 upon receiving her first ACCESS loan. Since then she has grown a loyal group of artists and clients, outgrown her location at 101 Spadina Avenue, moved to 401 Richmond, Suite B20, and received her second ACCESS loan. “The funding has been essential to getting my business off the ground,” Yvonne says, “the second loan has been essential to creating this new space.”
She’d been on the waiting list for 401 Richmond since she opened her gallery at 101 Spadina Avenue, and when an opening came up she jumped at the opportunity. The new building which houses other artists and galleries provided an increase of traffic as well as wheelchair accessibility. In one week of her new location being open, Yvonne had over 100 walk-ins, new names added to her email list and an opening reception of 250 people.
Her gallery shows a variety of established and up and coming artists and in the future Yvonne would love to represent herself and her artists at an international art fair.
Yvonne says that “the support factor, having someone believe in you enough to give you this funding” was monumental in the growth of her business as well as her devoted artists and clients.